3.1.5 iOS - Menu issues (on iPhone SE-sized screen)

I have an iPhone SE 2 (touch-id FTW).

  1. Go to settings. The menu does not scroll to show all items at root (and other screens).
  2. Item details screen. Date/time labels do not show completely / are cut off

More generally…

  1. In some sub menus, I cannot tap “< Back” to exit the menu. I must select a menu item and then cancel the result.

Thanks for reporting these.

  1. In regards to the first point, does the menu not scroll at all, or does it scroll but then bounce back to not show the bottom options? (the latter is a known issue we are going to look into)
  2. Are you able to post a screenshot of the second point where the date/time labels are cutoff?
  3. We also know about this issue, so have a ticket for our developers to look into and fix.