3.2.20 Scrivener Sync Problems Persist

MacBook Air M1 2020
Ventura 13.4.1, English

Scrivener 3.3.2

Aeon and Aeon Shell 3.2.20

Hi there! Scrivener Sync problems (items appearing out of order in narration) are still happening for me. :frowning:

In case there is cruft in the old files, I created two test files, one, a copy of my current Scrivener project, and the second a brand new Aeon timeline. I can confirm that the sync problem persists in the new test setup.

In the process I discovered what seems like a critical problem to me: I use labels extensively in Scrivener (and Aeon) to track different story elements. When I did the initial set up of the sync to a new Aeon timeline, I told Aeon to sync Scrivener label colors to Aeon label colors. What happened on the first sync was that Aeon applied its own generic label color FIRST, to ALL of the events, before importing the Scrivener labels/colors. All of my Scrivener labels (hundreds of items) were lost. Once Aeon had completed the first sync, I went back into the Scrivener file, reapplied some of the labels, and from then on the labels synced properly.

I created a NEW Aeon timeline, but this time, before I did the first sync, I made sure all the label names and colors in Aeon matched the ones in Scrivener, and the first sync completed non-destructively. I think this behavior should be fixed, or at least a VERY big warning should be given to folks who are trying to create timelines for an existing project. Perhaps such a warning exists, and I just missed it!

TBH both of these issues have me worried that Aeon will no longer work reliably for Scrivener users. I hope that is not the case, as the integration of a reliable, flexible timeline has been enormously helpful to my process.

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Sorry you are still having problems with this.

The syncing of labels is a bug, so I have passed this onto our developers to fix.

In regards to your original problem, we did test the Scrivener project and timeline file you sent through, and we are unable to reproduce the problem anymore on the latest version, so we thought we had fixed the problem.

If you are finding that the problem occurs with your Scrivener project and a blank timeline file, are you able to do the following:

  1. Email us the Scrivener project again
  2. Provide us with exact steps that cause the problem when syncing this file to an empty Aeon Timeline file (including the sync settings you set up )
    eg. Moving event A to a certain position in the Narrative and then syncing causes it to move to a different position in the sync binder and Scrivener.

Thank you, Jess. Iā€™m sending you the files and detailed steps via email. :slightly_smiling_face: