8x5 vs 24x7 Work Week

I can’t figure out how to limit the timeline to default to an 8-hour work day and 5-day work week.

For background, I’m setting up a work project using one of the project management templates and I’ve got all the tasks added into the spreadsheet view with the appropriate BLOCKS/BLOCKED BY values. I then put an end-date in for the final entry and Aeon builds the project timeline. Great so far.

But then I look at the timeline and realize it has all the steps running through nights, over weekends, etc…, as if my team will be working 24/7 from start to finish. Of course they won’t, since they’ll be operating Monday-Friday from about 9am-5pm.

I realize I can manually adjust start/end times for every item to fix this, but I was hoping that there was a way for Aeon to build the initial timeline while taking into account work hours and work days from the get-go. That would save me a TON of effort.

I’m hopeful that this is doable and I’m just missing something basic.


I don’t think Aeon has this feature, nor do they have any way to configure vacation time etc.

I recommend you use a Project Management software for this, there are multiple Open Source and free software out there…

is two, both have open source free community software

here is a list with a few more Best Open Source Mac Project Management Software 2022

This is the best alternatives you can use until Aeon actually have the features and tools needed for serious and correct Project Management with calendar and time control if you do not have access to Microsoft Project.

There isn’t currently a way to do this in Aeon Timeline, however the ability to have non-working days is something that we have on our feature request list, which you can vote for here: Feature Requests | Aeon Timeline

Thanks! I’ve gone ahead and voted for the feature.