Ability to connect [EVENTS] to a different folder than the narrative in Scrivener

I’m unable to create an entity type that includes dates that can then be synced to a different Scrivner Folder. There are events that I’d like to keep track of and have reference to that are not part of the narrative. Currently, once I click on “dates” it pulls it from additional syncing menu.

Any idea of why?

Item types can be synced to folders in Scrivener if they are not part of the Chronological order. However they should be able to sync to folders if they just have dates.
For your entity type that you are creating, when it is not an option for syncing to a folder, does it have the Chronological order box ticked, or just the Dates box?

Thanks a ton, Jess. That was precisely the issue. I don’t need them to necessarily list in chronological order because they’re just tracking history items prior to the narrative. For some reason, I just couldn’t get my head around why it wasn’t a syncing option.

Thanks for the help!