Ability to Rearrange Calendar Markers

I’ve started using Aeon Timeline on a new project (a screenplay). I decided to start by creating some calendar markers of important dates that I know need to be in my script. And I’m quite surprised that there is no way to rearrange the markers or arrange them chronologically. They are arranged in the order that I entered them, even though I didn’t enter them in chronological order. Is there a way to manually rearrange them or to automatically arrange them chronologically? If not, I’m really surprised those abilities aren’t possible. It seems silly that I can only see them in the order they were entered.

Unfortunately no, this isn’t currently possible. However it has been requested before, so is on our list of feature requests to look at implementing in the future.

jess, thanks for your response. I’m not a programmer but I would imagine that implementing a chronological or manual sort for Markers wouldn’t be that hard to program. The Characters Panel, Settings Panel, Story Arcs Panel and Themes Panel all already allow for manually sorting,