Add ability to add multiple date inputs with Editable labels

add ability to add multiple date inputs with editable labels. It would be get to get this additional feature so you can add occupation terms and employment dates

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I second this.
To give some examples: I have a property “Occupation”. This (and other) properties can change over time for a character, e.g. from t1 to t2 someones work title is sales manager. At t2 they get promoted to VP of sales. Therefore I would like to be able to set a start and end date for a selected property as well as chose multiple items for the same property (as long as they do not overlap timewise).

This also effects the relationshsips of characters. In the example above from t1 to t2 the character is the subordinate of the VP of sales, from t2 on he now reports to the CEO.

As a consequence it would furthermore be nice to be able to set a date for a mindmap (the mindmap showing the company’s hierarchy changes at t2).