Adding a calendar marker as a new property to character relationships inspector

the idea is to have an ability to add a new property that will detect the time range based on the calendar marker as such this mockup i imagined:

as you can see, under the character Sheridan, it will give the information that the character is pregnant as an yes or no statement at this event point. it would be quite useful for story telling with a sensitive time information.

or add the calendar marker into the character properties like how the birth start and death end were used for the character.

unless it was already added that i haven’t noticed it or i misunderstand the tutorial…

Would this help? You could make a child (no pun intended) item for the character’s pregnancy.

Create a new data type called character milestone with characters allowed as parents.

Now a pregnancy could be added as a child (I hate puns) to the mother’s character. The child could be offset from the mother’s birth by some dignified number of years with a duration of nine months.

Would that help?

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