Adding events to a character's life

Aloha from Honolulu,

Total newbie here, but an avid Scrivener user for many, many years.

At present, I have my timeline in an Excel spreadsheet.

Within each character column, I have the important events in their lives: birth, moves to new cities, meeting important folks, etc. Each event is related to a years, ascending from top-to-bottom at far left.

I can relatively easily see by comparing columns what’s going in each character’s lives by comparing columns.

I have figured out how to enter characters and characters DOB in Aeon Timeline, but I don’t see where/how to enter critical events in each character’s timeline.

If you can help, I’d be appreciative!

I’m hoping to use Aeon Timeline to keep everything synced whenI change dates of events, etc.



This should actually be quite simple. Assign the events to the characters (i.e. create relationships between events and characters as shown in the sample projects) and select the timeline view so that it is grouped by character. Otherwise, experiment a bit, maybe the relationship view can be set up by filtering so that it helps you.
A difference compared to the Excel spreadsheet is the display of time intervals and the possibility to relate events belonging to different characters to each other. The full potential of Aeon, I think, is only revealed in practical work with it.

Cheers from rainy Lake Constance,