AEON becoming very slow & unresponsive at times

So I have 127 events in my timeline. AEON have become sluggish and slow to responds to my mouse clicks. It’s frustrating and not looking forward to presenting the timeline to my clients like this.
Anything I can do to improve?

Here are the screenshots of my task manager, and laptop specs:

Thank you…

|Processor| Intel(R) Core™ i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.11 GHz|
|Installed RAM| 16.0 GB|
|System type| 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|
|Edition| Windows 11 Pro|
|Version| 22H2|
|Installed on| ‎12/‎1/‎2022|
|OS build| 22621.1344|

I wonder if boosting your RAM would help.

I doubt it’s a RAM issue. Also, my laptop has nVidia GTX 1050 with 11GB RAM. It only happens on these AEON tabs, Timeline, Spreadsheet, and Relationship because these tabs render the 127 events. I also checked windows Page File and it’s currently set to 4.7GB

I run extensive graphic software like GIMP and Inkscape, they hardly lag.

Understood. I should mention that I am not discounting that AEON could be less than ideal in terms of its performance. There is at least one thread here addressing performance issues. But you and I are powerless to do anything about that. What we can do is give our machines a fighting chance to handle AEON better.

My writing project so far has 98 events, not many less than yours. I haven’t encountered any sort of latency in AEON. Since I built my machine for music production, where music samples are RAM-hungry, it has an admittedly ridiculous amount of RAM (128GB). That does not mean, of course, that 16 GB is insufficient RAM, though it doesn’t rule it out, either.

Regarding your paging file: If AEON is indeed hitting your paging file, which occurs of course when RAM is insufficient at that moment, that could account for the latency, particularly if your paging drive is not SSD.

As for the discrete graphics card, that’s of course helpful for graphics programs such as GIMP, but would that help for a data-driven program such as AEON? It seems to me (just guessing, honestly) that a lag in “rendering” is really a lag in processing the data per view, which is a CPU process rather than a graphics card process; it’s not “rendering” in the sense of rendering video or graphics programs such as GIMP, where yes, a graphics card will take on the task separate from the main CPU and thereby speed it along.

I hesitate to suggest buying more RAM since that costs money and time, but if it were me, I’d probably do it, for what it’s worth. I’d also consider adding an SSD, in case my laptop wasn’t already running an SSD. Now that I think about it, I’d probably start with the SSD drive and see if that solves it; a paging file working on an SSD drive rather than a mechanical drive is much faster. I did this with an older laptop a while back and it was startling how much better it performed. If that didn’t work, I’d boost the RAM to something like 32GB.

Hope this helps.

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Slow timelines on some large timelines is something we are aware of, so we are working on improvements for this. It should be available in the next beta.

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Perfect, thank you @jess

@SCN I tried the same timeline on my Gaming PC, which has the latest Samsung SSD drive, I think 990 PRO, with GTX 2080ti and CPU OC to 5GHz and 32GB RAM but I experienced the same issue.

Thank you for the detailed response.