Aeon shuts down

Hi there.

I had to take a break from my current project so I did not open Aeon for the last week. Now I can’t do it anymore. I click on the button, the window opens for a second and than vanishes. Which is very bad right now.

What can I do, what happened?

I work with Window 11, the laptop is rather powerful, no new software was added.

Same happened for me…

Download the “trial” from their website and just reinstall it over your current version, it fixed it for me.

I think there has been a Windows Update that changed some libraries or something in that path.

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Thanks for reporting this to us.

As Jaran suggests, Downloading and reinstalling over the current version is a good first step to try to get everything back up and running.

If that doesn’t help, here are some additional steps you can try:

1. Rename Persistent Files
We can try to eliminate some files that persist throughout an uninstall/reinstall process.

In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Local\Aeon Timeline (replace your_username with your Windows account name).
Rename the following files and folders (e.g. by adding _old to the name):

  • preferences.json
  • windowPlacement.json
  • recentFiles.json
  • Autosave folder
  • Backup folder
  • Cache folder

Then try launching Aeon Timeline again.

If it launches successfully, please keep a copy of the renamed files, as we will be able to use them to diagnose the problem further.

2. Try the previous version
If the above doesn’t help, you could try downloading and installing the previous version of our app from the following link:

Uninstall the existing version first, and then install this version.

Once installed, run the app and see if it is able to open correctly the first time you run it.

Note that it will automatically update to version 3.3.9 again after you run it for the first time, so if the issue is specifically with the new version, this may only work as a short term fix, but the additional information will help us diagnose the issue, and we will be able to lock your account to using 3.3.8 temporarily to keep you operational while we work out the cause.

3. Windows System File Checker
Windows has a built-in file checker to see if there are any corrupted files in your Windows installation.

You can follow the steps to run this here:

4. Allow Aeon Timeline in Windows Defender
Similarly, Windows Defender has been known to block certain applications from running correctly, and can trigger the error code included in your original message.

You can tell Windows Defender to allow Aeon Timeline to run by following these steps:

Likewise, if there are any other 3rd-party security systems installed (BitDefender etc), you may need to whitelist Aeon Timeline in those applications also.

Please let us know how you get on, and if any of these steps are able to get you up and running again.


That is what I thought, too.

Right now I am working as admin on Aeon. Meaning I stated in preferences that it should always run in admin mode.

As soon as I am done with the ongoing project I will try your suggestions. Thanks for helping out!