All data not syncing

Don’t know if I’m missing something obvious, but I have one important data field that I cannot get to sync with Scrivener.
Here is my question:
If I remove current sync and re-sync (as I read here that some people do when they have sync errors), will that destroy any of my metadata? I would assume not (since that metadata exists in either Scrivener, or AT3, or both), but don’t want to risk it.

What do you think?

It might be best if you contact support at with the details and we might be able to work out why your data field is not syncing.

Otherwise, if you wish to remove the current sync and re-sync, this shouldn’t remove the metadata, however we would suggest making backups of both your Aeon Timeline and Scrivener projects before you do so, just in case.

Thanks, Jess.
I appreciate the input.