Allow timeline scaling from print menu (+ other printing requests)

Apologies if I’m missing existing functionality here or if it’s a niche use-case, but I have a few requests to make printing more user-friendly.

1) Axis scaling in print menu: Trying to print a timeline would be considerably easier if you could change the scale of the x axis from within the print-preview settings, or target a number of pages. Often what I’m wanting to do is condense the chart to the smallest number of pages without the data becoming too dense to understand. And at the moment, I keep having to jump between the timeline view, where I can scale the x-axis and the print menu to see the result.

2) In/Out range: It would be very helpful to print within a date range. In my particular use-case, I’m plotting a lot of data into the timeline in order to find correspondences, which I tag and filter. Unfortunately, printing always wants to include the earliest datapoint and the latest one.

3) Better labels: Labelling long horizontal events only on their left-most point is not ideal in the scenario above, where I’m usually trying to eliminate the early pages because they don’t contain any relevant data. For me, it’s also something of a UI issue in the app itself — when zoomed in, it would be helpful to see some labelling of what my top level events are (even if it’s via some sort of menu option. Something like freeze header row/column in excel, where the relevant labels are always visible even as I scroll on).

What I have done as a workaround is to export to PDF, find the biggest “print” I can save to a PDF as a single Vector.

Then in e.g. Krita or Inkscape, or in a PDF editor that support it, I split the image to the number of pages needed and if I need to make it smaller or bigger, I can do so in the print menu or in the editor within those software.

I agree with you that this is needed, same as the arbitrary size limit of size of the timeline in points when exporting.

While it is a bit different from what you asked for, you can filter your events on your timeline to only show a certain date range, and then when you go to Print, it will just print this range.

Apologies if I’m using the date filter wrong — the problem is that I have sub-events (payments) grouped under three main events (accounts), which is necessary to keep them separate so that links between them can be identified. The issue I’m having is that printing always seems to want to include the full timespan of those main events no matter what filtering I’m doing. I’d love to be able to tell the printing function to focus on a date range and just take the relevant slice of those main events.