Am I Too Non-Tech for This?

Hello all,
Okay, I feel really thick. I got ready to use Aeon 3 and just … couldn’t. I wondered if I’d made a mistake and bought corporate planning software by accident.
The tutorial seemed to confirm that feeling.
I’m writing a novel.
I want to track/map the events of the novel, characters and their development, etc over the course of the story’s time.
I fell at the first post in the tutorial… Building a timeline. Because, to me, a timeline is the progression of events in the story.
So what are tasks? I don’t have tasks, deadlines, people to assign tasks to, etc

Clearly, I’m not understanding the tutorial’s terminology. Or perhaps it’s just a long learning curve, and I need to expect to spend a week just learning the software.

Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!

The terminology of the tutorial is based on the initial template chosen. For example, if you choose the “Novel” template, the tutorial should be using words such as “events” and “characters” and “story”, while the Project Management template will use “tasks” and “people”.

Do you know which template you chose the begin with? Does starting with the Fiction/Novel template make the tutorial more understandable?