An asterisk in a custom month or day name causes editing problems

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Mac

OS Version: 12.5

OS Language Setting: Finnish

App Version

Version: 3.1.6

Application Shell: 3.1.6

Problem Description + Screenshots

If any month or weekday name in a custom calendar begins with an asterisk (*), the dates of events cannot be edited through the text field, only by using the date picker. The text field will appear accept the input but when you click to another event, the editing pane just says ”Something has gone wrong. An error has occurred and we cannot display this view” etc., and when you click back you see that the edit did not in fact go through. If you choose the date with the date picker, everything works fine.

Note that the asterisked month or day doesn’t have to be the one the event is being set to. The problem occurs if any month or day in the calendar happens to have it. Also, asterisks at any other place in a name are fine; only when it is the first character does this bug occur.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Edit the calendar and place an asterisk to the front of any month or day name. (For example “*May” or “*Tuesday”.)

  2. Try to edit the date of an event using the text field.

The bug can be reproduced reliably and with a clean timeline file.

PS. In case anyone is wondering why I would use an asterisk in a month name, I haven’t yet come up all the names in my fantasy calendar so would’ve used “*April” as a placeholder name with a visual reminder to change it at some point.

Sorry you are having problems with this and thanks for reporting it to us. We have been able to reproduce the problem, so will pass onto our developers to fix at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for a quick response!

Rather than open a new bug report, I think mine might be related. I get the “Something has gone wrong” message in Search when using search or search and replace and I have an asterisk in either field.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll pass it on aswell

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Most welcome. BTW, in my case, I’m on the Windows version.