Analyzing narrative text

It would be really excellent if the software would also bring in text from Scrivener, for example, and allow you to link events, etc., to text passages and then see where in the narrative text events, etc. are occuring.

For example, if you are building backstory through a narrative in little bytes here and there (not complete scenes or events) it would be nice to be able to see the story in total and where the bits and pieces are. Not sure if that’s clear.

I know this sounds a lot like qualitative textual analysis, and it might be, but I think there is a role for this type of functionality apart from a text editor, like Scrivener or Word.


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Hi Mark,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘analyzing’ text but I’m going to presume that you don’t want AT3 to do any kind of textual parsing. Rather that you would want to split portions of text inside Scrivener, say, and then be able to build relationships with AT3 to denote what that portion of text in Scrivener signifies. Am I close?

If so, this would be possible currently. You don’t have to stop at the beat level of a scene in AT3. You could build a narrative structure to accommodate individual beats within scenes. Say, the Inciting Incident, or a Revelation, or Backstory as you mention in your example.

In fact, I am sure one of the stock fiction templates includes an Item Type for a Passage. If you were to add passages to your narrative structure within scenes, within Chapters and so on, then this Narrative structure could be synced with Scrivener. Then you would just need to write its content in Scrivener and assign some metadata in AT3 to represent that passage’s purpose.

If I’m honest, it would be too much detail for me to plan like this but it is doable with some setup inside AT3. It may be that you wouldn’t need to split every scene up into its constituent parts. But where you have a need to analyse a passage you could add that in.

In Scrivener your binder would then reflect documents for passages which make up scenes which make up chapters.

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I’m no longer an active Scrivener user (but it’s a great application). I seem to remember you can flag documents in the Binder to not appear in the compiled output. If I’m not mistaken, while every Aeon event will create a Scrivener document, they don’t have to all appear in the finished product.

Would that help?