Any AT operation that move docs to trash in Scrivener?

I just took the plunge & bought AT3, and it looks great! I attached a Scrivener 3 project to my timeline, and I’m creating events & stuff, and I found a bunch of my Scrivener documents had somehow migrated to Trash. I am doing a lot of re-organizing, so I’m not discounting the possibility that I inadvertently did something, but I figured I’d ask: Are there any AT operations that will move things to trash in Scrivener?


Yes, there can be some syncing operations that will move things to trash in Scrivener.

If you delete the items that are synced to your Scrivener documents in Aeon Timeline, then the syncing process will remove them from Scrivener as it is syncing this deletion.

However it moves them to Trash so that they are not lost completely and can be recovered if this is not what was intended.

The sync binder will indicate if an item is to be deleted when the sync is performed.