Any examples of the use of Themes?

I haven’t found any help so far about themes and how they can be used. Does anyone have examples of how to use them effectively? What are they best for? When not to use them? How to use them? I’d be interested in any and all answers to these questions as I admit to certain level of bafflement.

I’d like to see some of these as well. There’s precious little documentation about it, and I don’t recall seeing this in any of the example projects.

I think that there has been so little activity here speaks to the general lack of clarity about this feature. Still hoping for some pointers! :grinning:

Digging around, it feels like this is more of an example of a custom kind of item that can be removed, modified, etc. The sample for Orient Express, for instance, has a “Clues” category type, so maybe it’s just a “use as you wish” kind of type.

Where can i find the Orient express example? I’ve poked around and can’t find it. It would be useful to look at it because of what you’ve said.

It’s right there on the opening splash screen.

I had Aeon open all the time I was looking. So had to close it down and re-open to get it. Knew I’d seen it but couldn’t think where.
Thanks for that!

Yep. That’s what it is. Another customizable item you can choose to use / show or not. More and more possibilities to segment / identify information I suppose. And there was me thinking that just having a timeline of events would be sufficient :slight_smile:

Yes, Themes is another entity type that is customisable, so you don’t have to use it. We have had a few questions about it, so we are planning to add some documentation that describes some of the aspects of our templates (such as Themes) in more detail, so people have an idea on how they can be used.
But like most parts of a template, you can remove them/not use them if not applicable to you.

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