App seems to freeze regularly on iPad

App regularly freezes on iPad. Eventually resumes after a couple of minutes or so. Any suggestions?
Love it, otherwise.

Sorry you are having problems with app on the iPad.

Is the file you are working on a large file? How many events and other items does it have, and does it have any large attachments?

What model of iPad are you using?

Is there any particular action that you perform that causes the freezing to occur, or does it just seem random?

We are currently working on some general performance improvements that may improve situations like this, although we wouldn’t able to be sure if that is true in this particular case.

Hi Jess

Am using a 7th gen iPad (just over 1 year old) with the latest iOS.

The file I’m using is through my DropBox account and is for a full novel manuscript.

The freezes seem to be when I attempt to add secondary inserts, such as flashbacks or events, to parent events.

Is it possible for you to send through the file to us at, with a description of something that you do that would cause the freeze? This might help us work out what the issue is.

Are you also able to save a copy of your file to your device, and open that? (so not accessing it through Dropbox). See if the same freezing occurs then, which will rule out any issues that could be occurring with Dropbox.