Assign Story Arc in Timeline View by Mouse Click

Being able to assign an even to a story arc by double clicking within a Timeline Story Arc swim lane by double clicking would be a great UX workflow.

Currently, no matter where you double click, the event is always assigned to the “untitled” story arc. Why not capture the story arc you double click in to assign the new event to that arc automatically.


This is how it works in TL2.

Indeed. I’m saying, it needs to be in V3

This is currently available if you are using entity filters from the side panel (eg. if you have filtered by a Story Arc, double clicking on the timeline will assign that story arc to the new event), but isn’t available if you are using Group By.

Trying to get my head around this.
So if I am in the Timeline View, I need to filter by StoryArc?

I used this image in the other thread, but it illustrates the same thing.
Yes if you are in Timeline View, you need to filter by Story Arc, as shown in the image. When you double click on somewhere in the timeline in the top view, which is filtered by the Story Arc “Catherine and Heathcliff”, the new event will automatically have this relationship.