Avatars created with names that have diacritics result in erroneous avatar letters

Platform: Mac
OS Version: 13.2.1
OS Language Setting: English

Version: 3.1.8
Application Shell: 3.1.6

Problem is adequately stated in the title
Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 2.40.39 AM


  1. Create new project management project
  2. Accept all defaults
  3. Create a project (and all relevant settings, doesn’t matter)
  4. Create a person and name it, say, Niilo Vähäsarja
  5. Create a relationship between the project in step 3 and the person created in step 4
  6. Choose Customise Item Card on the timeline view
  7. Add Person

Result: the avatar reads “NVHS”
Expect: the avatar reads “NV”

Timeline was as clean as it gets. Brand new, only 1 project created and 1 person.

Edits: got rid of nonsense, hope it helps. Hug!

Hi Kelly,

I’m not sure this is a bug per sé. Rather AT3’s best guess at initials. However, it is possible to change the initials shown for a person by entering the Person’s Inspector panel. Under the name, simply type in the initials you want to show.

I saw your original post the other day (but didn’t have time to reply then) and I remember you suggested you might want to show the name instead of the initials…

If you did want to show the name of a person, you need to go into Timeline Settings> Data Types and click on Edit in the top right of that screen. From there, choose Character or Person, whichever is being used by your timeline. Under the section, Compact Display, choose Short Label. This should then show the character’s name in the different views, such as Timeline and Narrative and Outline.

You can also customise the Short Label for each Character or Person in that Character’s inspector panel. As before, simply type in the Short Label you would prefer to use. So, for Jack Jones, you can just show Jack, or leave the field blank to get the full name.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks as always Andrew, it had been a while since using AT so I was at a loss for about 30 minutes until I figured it out. I do appreciate it. Take care.


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Fair enough. Glad you managed to sort.