Awkward scrolling the inspector with long text fields

This is a design issue, rather than a bug, though it’s probably specific to the desktop version. When you have a long text field, such as Summary in the inspector, the field expands to an extent where it’s right off the visible portion of the inspector, but not far enough to contain the entire text. So you end up with a scrollbar in the field, and also a scroll bar for the inspector and neither is sufficient to scroll through the whole text. You need to use both - the inspector scrollbar to scroll to the bottom of the text box and the text box scrollbar to scroll to the bottom of the text. It would be far cleaner and simpler to use if it was one or the other - either the text box dimensions were always limited in size so that it was fully visible in the inspector, with a scrollbar inside the box to scroll its contents, or the text box dimensions always expanded to hold the entire text, regardless of length, with the inspector scrollbar then serving the same function.
This is less of an issue if you have smallish fields, but when they extend to a few thousand words, it can be very fiddly.


We are aware of this. What it is trying to do is automatically size the text field so that the text field won’t have a scroll bar, only the inspector. Unfortunately due to the libraries we are using, the calculations cannot be exact and therefore sometimes the extra scrollbar will appear. It is something we will continue to look at trying to fix.