Birthdays repeating

I have ticked for all my characters to have their birthdays marked on the timeline and this works from their 1st year of life (in the past) until the literal present calendar day. (e.g. someone born on the 21st Oct 2006 has their birthday marked annually from 21st Oct 2007 until 21st Oct 2022).

My fictional timeline begins on September 2nd 2024, so all the main events where I need to cross reference birthday’s are from then, but their birthday symbol’s no longer appear at the top of the timeline bar.

Two “anniversaries” based on “event’s” I’ve entered in the past continue to appear, but the birthday’s do not. Any ideas of how to resolve this?

I assume you have marked your character’s as “Ongoing” ? If so, then their birthdays are only marked up to the current day.

However you can change the current date/time for your specific timeline file in Timeline Settings.

Open Timeline Settings (the cog icon) and tick the check box “For ongoing item calculations, override current date/time with:” and then enter the date that you would like to use.

If you set this past where your fictional timeline ends, then the birthdays will appear up to this point.

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Thank you Jess, that makes sense!