Can The Same Event Exist In Multiple Narrative Folders?

I have over 700 events in my timeline and would like to group together events that relate to each other. E.G. A story involving a family during war and the world’s response to that war. I would like 3 narrative folders to group items into:

Narrative 01 - Events relating to the family
Narrative 02 - Events relating to the invaders
Narrative 03 - Events relating to the global response

I don’t need to divide all 700 items into 3 separate narratives, maybe 50 in each to see if I have the necessary/relevant/correct facts. A benefit of Narrative view is that it allows me to see these 3 folders side by side as you scroll downwards.

Some events are common to all 3 narratives e.g. invasion day.

I would like a single event in the timeline to appear in each of the narrative folders however it appears an event can only exist once in narrative view. I could duplicate the event in the timeline and add one to each narrative however this creates unnecessary entries in the timeline.

An event can appear in multiple mind maps. That’s the only way I can think of doing what you need.

I use story arcs for exactly this purpose. An event can be assigned to several arcs at the same time, and events can be grouped by arc in the timeline view.

The narrative view, on the other hand, is more suitable for placing events in a non-chronological order, but as a single narrative flow.