Can you nest places inside of places?

I have a timeline where events happen in multiple cities in multiple countries. Is there a way to tell Aeon Timeline that New York and Chicago are both in the US, while Manchester and London are in England? Right now I can have events in Chicago or New York, but there’s no quick and easy way to tell Aeon to display all events in the US or all events in the UK. I think the answer is no, but I still haven’t wrapped my head around version 3 and could use some help. Thanks!

You can create parent groups with items such as Locations, so that you can then filter/group by all the items in that group.
For example, if you open the example timeline Murder on the Orient Express, it has divided its characters into Character Groups. You can filter the timeline by a Character Group (eg. “Investigators”) and it will display all the events that are associated with any of the characters in this group.
You could do the same thing for your timeline where you create a “Location Group / Country” type and add US, UK. You can then add your cities (eg. New York) to these groups, and then filter by these groups.
You can add the new item type via Advanced Settings (Advanced Settings - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base) via Settings (the cog icon), then the Data Types tab, then Edit.
Here you can create a new item called “Location Group”, where you would probably want to tick “Side bar” in the options to add it to the sidebar.
You would then need to click on “Location” and choose “Location Group” under “Allowed Parent Types”.
This will then allow you to create and view Location Groups in the side bar, and add locations to them via drag and drop, or assigning their parent in the inspector.
Then when you filter by the Location Group, it will show all the events associated with the locations in that group.
This article also talks about groupings here: Grouping Items into Hierarchies - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base and here is an article that talks about the concept using the example of characters: How To Organize People Into Groups - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base

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Thanks – that works! It looks like I can also make locations parents of locations if I don’t need to make an extra data type as well.

Thanks again! -R