Cannot access autohidden taskbar in Windows 10 when in AT

I like/need a lot of real estate on my screen(s), so I set the taskbar to be automatically hidden, to be accessed whenever I hover over it (on the right, if it matters). But when using AT, my taskbar doesn’t pop up on the screen. I’d have to minimise the software in order to access it. I don’t have this problem with my browser or Scrivener. It’s a bit of a problem, considering I need Scrivener, plus innumerable browser tabs when I’m working on an AT project. Is this a bug, or just how AT works at the moment?


Sorry you have had problems with this, it isn’t something that we have done my design, so I have passed it onto our developers to look into.

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Just wanted to add to this, if you aren’t aware there is another workaround at the moment where if you press the Windows key, the toolbar will pop up.

It also doesn’t seem to be a problem if the app is not full screen size, which may also be helpful to you.

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@jess Thank you for the replies!

I actually found the workaround on my own, by accident, after posting, and then asked myself why I didn’t do it earlier. Also thought about not going full screen, but I’m a bit picky and cannot stand a floaty workspace.

It’s a small thing, really, but UI-wise, I’m doing a lot of mouse work with AT and mousing over the hidden taskbar is an automatic action. Thanks again for the info and for passing on the message!