Category will not appear in timeline

I’m trying to add conflicts as type of event on my timeline. But, they only appear in spreadsheet mode, and will not appear in timeline mode - unless I change the “type” from conflict back to event.

Could someone tell me how to fix that?

The timeline is for arranging events. I suggest you model conflicts as events with a special color. The view can be filtered by color, so that might do the trick for you.

You can even call the color used “conflict”. See the example “Murder on the Orient Express”.

2nd edit:
Another way that allows you to distinguish multiple conflicts is to model them like story arcs, and assign events to them.

There is a checkbox in settings - Settings/Data Types/Edit then choose your type from the list. The checkbox is “Timeline View” and it’s under the “Show In” section. I don’t know if it’ll fix it, but that’s the first thing to check.