Changing time error in spreadsheet view

Hi all.

Currently putting together a timeline for an investigation. When I add an event in the spreadsheet view using the “type label to create new event” option (currently working in split screen with the timeline on top and spreadsheet below), I type the event in and the time (using time precision), but both the new event and the event immediately above it change to the same time. I think I’m having the same issue when I adjust time elsewhere (i.e. the desired and immediately preceding event change their time).

For example, if my spreadsheet contained:

Event W at 1/1/23 0800
Event X at 1/1/23 0815
Event Y at 1/1/23 0830
Event Z (newly input)

and I added 1/1/23 0900 then both event Y and Z would change to 1/1/23 0900

They are not dependent or linked events as I haven’t linked any together (unless they are in defaults I’m missing) and if I were to change event X to 1/1/23 0810, then both Event W and Event X would change.

Is this a known bug? Am I missing something? If I hit cmd-z afterwards then the time of the higher item changes back to its original, but it’s not something I always remember to do and is a pain in the **** when I quickly change a date/time and forget until a few minutes/hours later after noticing the whole timeline doesn’t make sense.

Any help gratefully received!



I can’t duplicate what you’re seeing. In timeline view, is z a child of either w or x?

Children extend their parent’s duration as necessary.

Post screen shots of your spreadsheet and your timeline - there might be some evidence to what’s going on.