Changing Typeface/Font on Windows

I’m trying to change the typeface from whatever the default is to one that has wider support for unicode characters outside of those found typically in English (like Ariel or Calibri). I’m using version 3.1.9 on Windows 10.

I’m not sure if I just can’t find the setting or if this is not available in the current version. Any help would be greatly appreciated since, as of now, it renders words with certain characters as a broken mess in two different typefaces!

That’s odd. For me, accented letters and umlauts are displayed correctly, even the dingbats from the “Segoe UI” font that is widely used for user interfaces in Windows. In both Aeon 2 and Aeon 3, the font looks very much like Segoe UI.

The files are stored UTF-8 encoded, so it shouldn’t be the encoding either.
I didn’t find a setting option for the UI font either, but that would also be unusual.

May I ask what glyphs you are talking about, and in what way you enter them?

While the font on Aeon 2 looks very similar to Segoe UI, the one on Aeon 3 differs in minor details; possibly, it is not one of the system fonts. Perhaps the closest is Lucida Sans Unicode which has rather fewer glyphs.

However, I can enter all kinds of glyphs here via the Windows character table, even Arabic and Indian. They fit unobtrusively into the overall picture, but I cannot judge whether they come from the application’s font or are substituted by the system font.

We do use a font that should support a wide array of unicode characters, are you able to tell us which ones you are trying to use?

I apologize for the lack of punctuality in my response. I’ve been dealing with some health issues that have kept me from checking in on this.

4 combining diacritics that do not work (they also cause the character with which they are combining to be rendered in a different font as well):
◌́ (U+0301) [only when combining with another character that already has a diacritic like ā (U+0101)], ◌̄ (U+0304), ◌̮ (U+032E), ◌ͅ (U+0345)

10 normal characters render in a completely different font:
ḇ (U+1E07), ḏ (U+1E0F), ḡ (U+1E21), ḥ (U+1E25), ḫ (U+1E2B), ḵ (U+1E35), ṣ (U+1E63), ṭ (U+1E6D), ṯ (U+1E6F), ẓ (U+1E93)

11 superscript characters that seem to render in a different font, but I can’t tell as there are no other superscript letters to compare them to:
ˀ (U+02C0), ˁ (U+02C1), ᵃ (U+1D43), ʸ (U+02B8), ᵊ (U+1D4A), ᵒ (U+1D52), ʰ (U+02B0), ⁱ (U+2071), ᵉ (U+1D49), ʷ (U+02B7), ᵘ (U+1D58)

These are all used in the transcription of various Ancient Near Eastern languages. If there was an option to change the font in the program, it would be easy to fix on the user-end of things.