Character groups in Subway view

How do I use Character Groups in Subway view? I have 70+ characters, organized into 12+ groups. I want to be able to view the Subway tracks for all characters in a single group without having to select them individually from the long list of characters.

On the Subway page, I select Choose Tracks → Character Groups and check the box next to a character group. Instead of displaying the Subway tracks for the characters in that group, the only thing I see is a single empty track named after the group.

Character group “Saint Domingue Revolution” selected (this group contains two characters):

[I’d include a screenshot of what I expect to see, but apparently I’m only allowed to embed one image per post].

Is there some setting I am missing?

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Unfortunately this isn’t something that is available at the moment, however we do understand how it would be useful for users to have, so will add it to our feature request list.

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