Character Groups not showing up in Timeline

I currently have three separate character groups. I have made it so that they can be seen on the timeline. Only 1 of the 3 groups actually show up on the timeline though. I go to where the second and third group would begin, but it’s not there.

On the small preview bar at the bottom of the timeline it shows the group, but not on the timeline itself.

Shows up in the first group

But not the second

Ok, so I was actually rearranging some of the names and the moment I did that for one of the ‘hidden’ groups, it popped up in the time. Solved, I guess? But leaving it up in case anyone else has this bug.

I’m glad you were able to get the groups displaying again, we aren’t sure what could have caused this issue to appear.

If it happens again, let us know and and if you can, email your timeline file to
This will help us replicate the problem and work out what is causing it.