Color Management

Hi Everyone,
I have been working on color options and have produced a PowerPoint standard color chart and identified 127 individual colors, one black, one grey using the “Colorblind Assistan” free app. I sent it in the end of last year, but I have lost track where it is. I will send the .ppt to anyone interested.

I did this to stimulate discussion, and hopefuly generate enough user interest to recommend adding direct .ppt colors to Aeon3. I need many colors to cover the individual and grouped, i.e., Rome wars.

Lloyd Hoffman


The best would be a full color picker…

But a few more color schemes would also be useful.

I can’t understand why they have created this artificial limit.

Agree. I have added colors from their chart, some that will not usefully show on the white background.
Much better for the entire .pp standard color choice be added, unless there is a major issue with Microsoft in doing so. Perhaps a large use payment, etc.

I can’t seem to get my color chart to attach here. If you send me your regular email I will send you a copy.

Hello, I should have included my personal email for anyone interested in receiving my .ppt color chart work. Here it is,
Hoping to hear from someone.

Maybe usable?