Colours displaying in Timeline View

It would be great if the various items from the Left Hand Column could have the colour associated with their symbol displayed in the Timeline View. This would make it easier to differentiate various items from each other at a glance. In the example below for example, the Key symbol (representing a clue) could be Green, the Speech Bubble symbol (representing the Testimony) could be the specific colour associated with the various testimonies and the Person symbol could be the relevant colour for that person.

Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 7.25.07 pm

Just a suggestion

Hi @Adelaide,

Thanks for your suggestion. It looks like the screenshot is for the current beta version, which is likely to be publicly released within the next week.

As part of the beta, we’ve moved towards having items show their icons in their individual colours, rather than two seperate colours. (Previously, items often showed one colour for the item type, and a different colour for the item itself.)

The compact displays as shown in your screenshot are the one area where we haven’t added the coloured icons in. It’s an option we’re keen to explore and will be working on soon, but we’ll also be trying to ensure that the view doesn’t become overwhelmingly colourful.

It would be useful for us to know, how many items and different types of items do you typically show as compact displays when you’re using Timeline View?

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your reply.

I understand that being too colourful could be a problem. My thought was that in its current format, it is difficult to differentiate each item type from another in the timeline view. If only the icon itself were a different colour (rather than the whole text of the actual item), it would serve to ‘break up’ the different item types in the Timeline view.

Regarding the number of items and different types of items I typically show as compact displays, it varies between fiction manuscripts but I would like to add as many as possible. It helps when quickly overviewing the story. It would be lovely to have the option to see tags, notes and any other items added on the fly in the inspector, in the Timeline view. I’m finding the process of adding items through the Settings process each time I have an idea for an item a bit disruptive to the flow of thought.

I wrote another post about including Tags in the timeline in 2021.

Hope this helps Rebecca, and keep up the great work!


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