Container line for parent events disappears on scrolling

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Windows
OS Version: 11 (but the bug was still there on 10)
OS Language Setting: it-IT

App Version

Version: 3.0.13
Application Shell: 3.0.13

Problem Description + Screenshots

If have an extremely tall parent event, scrolling up & down might break the container line.

Steps to reproduce

:point_up: the Green parent event is very very tall because of the zoom level.

… continuation in next message (I can’t post more than one screenshot at a time apparently…)


Scrolling all the way down

:point_up: the green container remains (I’ve drawn a red line to highlight the bottom part of the parent event shown in the previous screenshot.

but if I scroll past the container, and then scroll back…

:point_up: the container line is gone. I’ve drawn (badly) a dashed line where the container was visible in the previous screenshot.

To my experience, this bug happens whenever you have a container high enough to fall out of some virtual space I assume Aeon is using to keep scrolling as smooth as possible, but I suppose that when something is far enough, it gets deleted from memory to free some space, thus the line disappearing.

While this bug is not disrupting anything in my workflow, it’s pretty annoying cause you keep asking yourself “oh, wait, was this event in a parent one, or not? Let me check…” and you end up scrolling up and down pretty often.



Thanks for reporting this, I have passed it onto the developers to look into at the earliest opportunity.

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As a friendly reminder, the bug is still there as of version 3.0.22.

It’s pretty easy to reproduce with the timeline I sent you few days ago. Look for EV84 “La spedizione diplomatica di Milke subisce un’imboscata”.

Use these zoom settings

Scroll up and down to see the issue.