Creating Parallel Timelines. How to do it. Help

Hi there,

I would like to ask is it possible to create parallel timelines and not timelines in tandum with Aeon?

For example,
Workstream #1 - Managing Project A
Workstream #2 - Managing Interns
Workstream #3 - Meeting Minutes

So far I am abit confused on how to set up my Timeline - Should it be nested E.g.subdivisions of Workstream 1, are 1.1 etc.

Also, just wondering if the amendments made to the timeline, will it change the organisation in the narrative?

Would appreciate any guidance.
Thank you.

Something like this works with a single timeline. You just need an item type “Workstream” – analogous e.g. to the “story arc” in the example project “Murder on the Orient Express”. Then you can define workstreams, assign events to them, and filter the views accordingly.

You only need the “Narrative” if you want to additionally arrange events in a non-chronological view, as it may happen in fiction writing.

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