Custom date formats with exclusive dating?

Is there any way to set up a custom date format within Aeon?

For instance, I have eliminated all months from my calendar to have only the day of the calendar and the year represented, but with the current system, I still have to put something in the “month” place. It seems, at the moment, that it will only accept a non-space character; so if I put “.” in place of the “month” name, I will still end up with a date that looks like “. 24 2023” or “24 . 2023” or something similar. Is there a way that I can choose to exclude the month entirely from the date format, so that I just display “24 2023” or “24/2023?”

Also, is there any way to set days to count exclusively with a month counting from zero instead of 1 (such that the first day of a 30-day month would display as 0 and the last day would be 29)? I know that you can set a more nebulous counting system from a “day zero” for short projects where only the day is important, but is it at all possible while still maintaining precision of month, year, and era?

Basically, I’d love to be able to create a timeline where dates display as a 0-9 value, with each representing one tenth of a year, so that when the next day after 9 rolls around, the year increases by one ( 9/2023 1st Era would then be followed by 0/2024 1st Era, etc.).

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately no, neither of these options are currently available in Aeon Timeline.

We will add them to our feature request list to possibly look at adding in the future.

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Ok. Thanks for letting me know.
Hopefully we can see that roll out sooner than later!!