Date constraint to force a weekday?

Hi - I have an EventB that should be at least one week after eventA, but must occur on a weekday (M-F). At first I had only the first constraint (linking A and B) but then I noticed it had landed on a Saturday. I added the weekday constraint, expecting this to fix things by moving the event start forward to the next Monday. This is what project planning software would do, and it’s the behavior I want to build my novel timeline from start to finish. However, all Aeon does is note that the constraint is violated. Even worse, when I select “Resolve” on the violated constraint, the only option is “Remove Constraint”. Why isn’t moving the date an option?

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Automatic constraints on weekdays isn’t something that currently has been implemented in the constraints system, which is why removing the constraint is the only option in the list. It is something that we plan to look at adding in the future.