Deleting a text in Scrivener isn't deleted in e.g. timeline view

I have a sync configured with my Scrivener version 3 and is using Aeon Timeline (AT) also version 3. I deleted a text/scene in Scrivener that is inside a folder with other text. Next time I open AT the sync is shown yellow and i click the sync button. The scene is removed in the Subway, Outline and Narrative view. However it remains in the timeline, spreadsheet and relationship view. Is this intentional? So I should delete them manually? If so, in case I do some bigger reorg in Scrivener, is there a way in the timeline, spreadsheet and relationship view to see that they no longer belongs to the Scrivener project/narrative?

Hi Torsten,

Yes this is intentional, purely because it is the less destructive option.
It is a case where some users might want the item deleted from their whole timeline and others may only want it deleted from the Narrative. We will take your feedback on board about what you were expecting with this.

Yes you can delete it manually if you wish to remove it from your whole project.

You can filter Spreadsheet/Timeline/Relationship views by items that are not in the Narrative.
If you open the Filter Panel on the left toolbar (the pipe icon), then click “More Filters”, then Narrative, you will see an option to choose “Not in Narrative”. This will then show you all the items you have that are not in the Narrative/Outline View.


Hi Jess,
Ok, got it. Since I have an IT-background, I understand syncing between two different apps may be like walking on a high wire so it seems wise to have a less destructive approach.
I tried the filter mechanism you mentioned, and this is enough for me. Then it is very clear what I removed from the narrative and I can decide if I want to keep them as “dangling” events.
Thanks for your clear and comprehensive answer.

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