Desired Combined Data Capability

Desired Combined War Battle AEON3 File
War Name Date Color File (Own Scale) Battle Date Color File (Own Scale)
Currently AEON Loaded as Separate File Currently AEON Loaded as Separate File

Desired Capability

At this time one must use separate timelines for each major related elements, in this example it is a battle timeline to a war timeline. I have created a combined war battle timeline from an integrated .xcl database.

Problem is that currently when two dates are the same the events are separated alphabetically, not by the .xcl war-battle relationship. Not a useful combination.

This desired combination certainly has applications beyond this one. For example, many historical users will want to directly link-subordate events and items different from this one. One example might be linking related technologies and medical procedures, or mathematics, to telescope, to astronomy development from ancient Assyria ca. 5000 years ago to the James Webb telescope.
Such a time line is valuable to science researchers and teachers, not just to historians.

The potentials go way beyond the original and currently primary development focus, writing novels. (Note, I love reading novels) Expanding just two relational capabilities will open new markets in science, acedemia, and game design to name a few. At least that seems to be the case to me.

I will email a War-Battle example to anyone requesting.

Lloyd Hoffman