Drag&Drop Events to Story Arcs In Timeline

New events created in the Timeline View are by default NOT assigned to a Story Arc.
In AT V2, you could drag&drop an event from the “untitled” story arc to the arc of your choice.
This is now missing from AT V3, or am I missing a trick?


If you are grouping your events like version 2 did, then yes this is not available in version 3.
It is possible when you are using split screens and entity filters to have this functionality (eg. if one screen is filtered by a story arc, you can drag and drop events into that screen to assign them to this arc)

that broke my head.
I guess I do not know enough about V3 to understand this yet.
would be able to provide me a screenshot to help explain?
if you have time.

This image shows the window split into two screens. The top screen is the current one selected, and it is filtered by the story arc “Catherine and Heathcliff”. You can see the filter icon is highlighted in the entity panel on the left. The bottom one is filtered by another story arc, “Heathcliff’s Revenge”.
The selected event is “Heathcliff and Catherine visit Thrushcross Grange”. If you drag this event to the Story arc in the bottom screen, it will add the relationship “Heathcliff’s Revenge” to it. ( and hence it will also appear in the bottom screen).


Thanks for this. Will try it out.