Dublicated "Character" after sync with Scrivener looks alike but link to different entries

Platform: iMac 27-5K
OS Version: MacOS 12.2
OS Language Setting: Danish

Version: 3.0.22
Application Shell: 3.0.21

Problem Description

This is a follow up on earlier odd behavior after sync with Scrivener (3.2.3) whereby some “Character” (Author) got duplicated.

What I have discovered is that if a Charater, like “John Doe” has been duplicated, due to a peculiar sync proces, even they look exactly the same when found via the Filter , they may each point to different entries, so deleting one of these “Identical twins” will actually remove the Author from those Entries.

I found this out after I added an extra ‘space’ between John and Doe: “John Doe”. This does NOT alter the description in the Character list, there will still be 2 “John Doe”, but now you can chose one or the other and see which entries they link to (and chose both to see the combined entries)

These were my findings, and after much ado there are NO DUPLICATES left… :slight_smile: so I cannot attach screenshot. But it bothers me that even when a “Character” looks the same it is not.
I cannot manual force this douple entry, but it bothers me that somewhere in the Aeon code theres is still something that allows this peculiar “Feature”.

And quoting Steve JObs… one thing more:

in the proces of locating these entries with duplicated “Author”… To save time I selected deleting complete Entry in Aeon, rather than just removing the exces name… and then sync again, it happened “somehow” that the entry remained but now with FOUR “John Does”… and after my franctic efforts to get rid of all those… and syncing… there was also an entry with 6 John Does… all in all I now had 3 entries in Aeon… each with its own EV number… BUT in Scrivener there was just ONE… and this bothers me!

How can Aeon create 3 separate entries (caused by this veird sync proiblem) based on 1 Scrivener entry???

In the end I got rid of all the un-needed stuff… still it bothers me that it may happen again… so this is my feedback to you on the Betaversion of Aeon.

otherwise it works excellent :+1:


It shouldn’t be creating duplicate items in Aeon Timeline just from one entry in Scrivener. There may be something particular about your file that is causing the issue.
If you could send through your files to us at support@timeline.app, then this might help us reproduce the problem and find out what is causing it.