Empty narrative tab, without datloss in spreadsheet tab or outline tab

I am new here. I created a project in aeon timeline and scrivener (short wild life story + scenario for short film) and added lots of data. The scenes have been defined and a first draft is written. I noticed in one of the online videos about Aeon timeline that it is possible to create a narrative in the narrative tab. When beginning the project I began writing in the narrative tab. From there I started filling in everything. But after syncing with Scrivener and after starting the writing the actual story I felt the need to rearrange the scene in the narrative. The changes are extensive and I wondered if it is possible to empty the narrative tab completely and rebuild it from the Spreadsheettab (drag and drop). Is this possible? Is it possible to have a second Narrativetab in Aeon timeline? (Version 1 / version 2)?

I would suggest selecting all in either Narrative view or in the Outline view and then choosing Remove From Narrative in the right click context menu. It won’t delete your events but they will be moved from their narrative position. Meaning you can then add them back to Narrative view in a different order. You may want to save your file before blitzing everything from Narrative. Just as a fail safe.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you Andrew. I had not found the option yet. It works.