Entity > Event?


Well! So, I’ve gotten down to well-known theologian…Thomas Aquinas. Now! Good thing is…I’ve made him an Entity - long ago. (Though, surely he’d contest that and claim he made HIMSELF an entity on the basis of scholarship? … LOL! <bows, waves - I’m here all week folks! >)

So! I’ve got good old TA as an Entity. Back in Aeon 2 I asked if there wasn’t a way to “Simultaneously Create Entity and Event”, so that I wouldn’t need to keep re-entering all the relevant data each time an Entity popped his or her head up along the timeline I’m building.

I read in that post that

…in the next version we plan on improving how entities integrate into the timeline, so it will be easier to create an entity and have their lifetime displayed as an event on the timeline.

Please can you explain how those changes got rolled out and how I might I take advantage them for an Entity who has got a lot of stops to make along this timeline?



You can do this in Advanced Settings (Advanced Settings - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base)
Open Settings (the cog icon), then the Data Types tab, then Edit.
Click Character in the column on the left, then scroll the panel on the right and tick “Timeline View” under the heading “Show In”.
Once you have done this, if your character has birth/end dates, then they will be displayed like an event on the timeline.