Events are showing up in Character Panel

Hi all,

I’m a newbie user here, giving the free trial a go. I’m loving it so far but I’ve gotten myself into a state of confusion.

Somehow, all my events are listed in the Character Panel.

I’m guessing I’ve gone wrong when listing what characters are present in scenes, or maybe in story arcs. I’ve tried deleting all relationships on a test scene but it still shows up in the Character Panel. I can’t for the life of me work out where I’ve gone wrong. Has anyone experienced this, or have any ideas on how I can fix this? It’s really irritating to deal with.

This could be due how to you have set up Settings. If you have setup an item type to be a parent of the Character type, then it will appear in the list.

For example, in the default Fiction template, Character Groups will also appear in the Character list.

Therefore if you have set Events to be able to be parents of Characters, they will also appear in this list.

You can look at this in Advanced Settings (the cog icon, then the Data Types tab, then Edit). If you click on Character in the list on the left, you can see if Event is ticked under “Allowed Parent Types” on the right.
This can also be a chain relationship, so even if Event isn’t a parent of Character, if it is a parent of something that is(eg. Character Group), then it will also appear in this list.

If you have trouble working out why exactly it is occurring, you can send your timeline file to and we can look at it for you.

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That was it! My Events could be parents of Characters! It’s all fixed now; thank you so much!