Export a Clean Outline and/or Standard Format such as .txt or .doc

It’s a great application. Beautiful! Why oh why can’t it export to a clean outline that I can then use in Word or any other word processing software? I seems like so much thought was put into the development of Aeon Timeline but you just stopped when it came to exporting options. Please please help. It would be so great to be able to export all of my work into a “workbook” of sorts that I can show my editor, etc.

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I guess the synchronisation with Scrivener is meant to fulfil this role. For those who don’t have that, there are probably only workarounds at the moment:

Some time ago, I released an extension for LibreOffice that could generate various documents for the narrative from an .aeon file. However, I don’t know whether the file format has changed in the meantime. If this is the case, the extension may also be able to process an exported .csv file.

If you don’t use LibreOffice, there is an alternative: A Python script that generates the same in Markdown format (i.e. plain text files with marked headings).
It may look a bit complicated, but you can also create .docx documents from the Markdown files with the help of Pandoc.

This is something I asked for during the alpha and beta phases and also since. It is, in my humble opinion, Aeon Timeline’s biggest weakness. Its largest customer base is creative writers. Yet there is no way of getting text out of the application. Plottr is an inferior product when compared overall to AT3 but I have recently purchased a lifetime license. Simply because it is focussed around outlining and exporting that outline into a usable text format.

It saddens me to say that I will probably continue to use Plottr for the foreseeable future. Until Aeon Timeline implements text based exporting to a word or markdown format, narrative order in subway and other views, and a pop up text editor window. Because, until that time, I feel more like a writer when using Plottr, and more like a project manager when working with AT3.