Exposition - use cases?

Good evening!

I am new to AEON (bought V1, upgraded to V2 but never used it until now), and digging my way through the program - and starting to like it a lot!

What ist an Exposition in AEON? Is it what I think it is: a possibility to link Items?

Thanks for clarifying!


I could be wrong but I think “Exposition” is a type of event that only exists in Narrative View, so it can’t be added to Timeline View and its purpose is help you plot your Narrative timeline.

The name is bit misleading, though. I’m using the Screenplay template and I renamed “Exposition” to “Story Element” which makes a little more sense to me.

I’m still not entirely sure, though, what the difference is between “Exposition” and “Narrative Folder” since both can be used the same way; that is, you can put other events inside an “Exposition” event just as you can with a “Narrative Folder.” Maybe someone else can clarify the differences.

Skylamar is correct, Exposition is a type of event that only exist in Narrative View. It is designed to be used to plot out the Narrative order of your story, where you can use it for text/documents in the manuscript that don’t have an actual physical event take place that you would have on a timeline (eg. a long descriptive text of a character, or a dream etc.)
This differs from the Narrative Folder which is more designed to be used as a container for your events in the Narrative View to be able to sort them into a more nested structure (like chapters, parts etc.) It is not representing any text in the story, just the structure.

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