Feature request (or thoughts about...) - Properties for Citation/Source on Calendar Markers... and more

When working with historical data and you create a “timeline” of Calendar Markers for Historical Events to “compare” your project with, i.e. if you work with Events in the period of 1900 to 1950, it might be that you want to add markers for other historical events i.e. the Worlds Wars etc., it would be of great benefit, and also respect to those collections where you found that information to be able to cite the sources for the markers.

Two possibilities, either just add a relation field to the Marker Object so that it will be possible to add a link/relation to an existing Citation/Source object in your project, or add a Citation text field where there can be added a formatted Citation or Bibliography string in any format the user like…

Another thing I find as a problem is that the “grouping” in the side panels are the same mechanism as the Parent/Child in the Timeline.
One of two is needed… either multi-parent relations or a separate grouping for items.

As it is now, you can not group an item and also add the same item as a child to another Event in the timeline to i.e. “control” the parent Event.

Specially in Historical Research there is many object that is groups as one type, but that you want to add as a child object to an Event… as it is now, you would need to create one extra Event, link that to your object (that have the “controlling time elements”, add that Event as a child and re-enter the times one more time…
It generate a lot of extra unnecessary “items” in the “database”.

I have already asked for a line in the timeline that show relations between “items” on the timeline, based on i.e. the color of the target item… there need to be some kind of way to visualization the relations between “items” in the timeline without setting arbitrary constraints to gain it.

so my question is actually if Aeon Timeline 3 actually is aimed to be anything but another “sync-tool” for Scrivener?

This is not at all any form of complaint, just some observation that I have found while trying to configure a setup for some large historical research projects that is not primarily a book project or other types of writing projects.

I really like all the changes, even though some feature don’t work properly yet… ( I’m sure they will find solutions for those relatively fast), but I hope that there can be some additional feature or changes so that AT3 also can be fully utilized as a timeline tool for those doing different type of historical research, i.e. genealogy, place research etc. where one Event or “item” can have an impact on multiple other “items” at the same time, and that the user don’t need to either duplicate “items” or events or create arbitrary extra items to be able to link “things” together.