Files in separate windows keep crashing

Platform: Mac
OS: 10.13.6
OS Language setting: Dutch
Version: 3.0.22
Shell Version: 3.0.21

Situation: I have two Timeline files open simultaneously, in two separate windows. Both crash seemingly random, but always when adding a character or a place, or when modifying an entry in the Spreadsheet mode.

Problem occurs since latest Aeon update, no crashes before. No crash upon saving or when switching from Spreadsheet to Timeline or vice versa.

(Almost) no data entries when reopening after crashing.

ETA: I spoke too soon, some entries are lost after reopening. Crashes happen more frequently; almost every 10 minutes at first, but after about 40 minutes Aeon crashes every few minutes, even with just one file open. It’s almost impossible now to add an entry.

ETA2: I have re-opened Aeon about a dozen times now, and crashes happen almost instantly. It’s impossible to work on my file. I will try again tomorrow on a different computer that hasn’t run the latest update yet to see if the problem occurs there as well.

Sorry you’ve been having crashes, are you able to send the timeline files that are causing the problem to ? This will help us reproduce the crash and work out what the issue is.