Filter by Narrative Folder should show all containing events, dialogues etc

In Narrative (or Outline) View, if we filter by Narrative Folder, only the empty Narrative Folder is shown, none of the contents are visible.

I understand that this might be because events, dialogues etc. are not children of Narrative Folders, nor even the same type as Narrative Folders, and thus are not returned in the search operation. i.e. from a narrow coding viewpoint, this is expected behaviour.

However, since the function of a Narrative folder is to organise narratives (e.g. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), it makes little sense to return an empty “Part 1” object without its contents.

It would be immensely more useful for a Narrative Folder filter to return all contents, including any nested Narrative Folders under it and all events, dialogues etc. therein.


I obviously answered elsewhere re this topic with a temporary solution, and you responded, but I do agree with you re this point.

It actually points towards a feature request I made a long time ago during the alpha and beta testing and there is an active feature request on the website re narrative calculated properties.

My point regarding this previous feature request was to facilitate the calculation of word count totals for chapters and also parts and then in total. This isn’t currently possible, which I think is a pretty major feature to be lacking when planning a narrative outline for fiction.

The reason I think word counts cannot be totalled is because of the point you make here. The constituent narrative parts perhaps don’t function as containers with child and parent items in a similar fashion to timeline items do when nested.

That is one for the devs to answer but regardless, your request here and mine regarding narrative hierarchical calculations seem like features which should exist given the importance of the narrative function. So I +1 your request here.