Filter events by character not working in events panel

Am I doing something wrong? I’m on a Mac, using Aeon TL 3. In the side panel, in focused view, I’ve selected filters for “match all” and I’ve selected to show events in my narrative, and then tried to select to see only events with a specfic character as POV. My goal is to quickly add those events to my timeline from the events panel, so I only have to work with one character at a time. I’m in “Match All,” so I would assume it would require both criteria to render the result. But the event panel still shows my whole narrative; it will not filter to see only one character’s events in the panel. The knowledge base tells how to use the character panel to show only that character’s events on the timeline… but that doesn’t help me because my goal is to place events into the timeline. I don’t have those events on there yet. What am I missing?

I haven’t figured this out either, except for this - when you split the screen you get two (or more) views.

The focused view filter applied to the view that is currently highlighted in the main window.

Here’s where I’m hazy. The all views filter doesn’t appear to apply simultaneously to all views, it appears to apply to the main view, the one you started with.

If you don’t have a split screen, the focused view appears to not apply. I guess that’s because there’s no separate focused view to work on, just the main one.

If you don’t have a split view and you create filters in the focused view, they will apply to the next split you create in the main window - I think.

If you don’t need a split view, just use the “all views” which is also known as the global filter.

When you have a split screen, it appears to me “all views” applies only to the original window, not any of the splits.

I’d also like to learn more about this. Correction and clarification welcome!

Thanks for the additional info! I just went and took another stab at this, and this problem is happening both in “All Views” and “Focused View.” The filters are not filtering the left hand panel by POV at all, despite my selecting it. The only thing happening is the filtering of narrative events.

I had another issue that turned out to be because I set up my data incorrectly, but that had nothing to do with this field, and I fixed it. And I don’t know how I could have set up the PoV wrong… but I’ll do some more digging.

I’m not sure what you mean by “filtering the left hand panel”. The panel that gets filtered is immediately to the right of the filter options. You can choose to view Timeline, Spreadsheet, Relationship, Subway, Narrative, Outline, or Mindmap in that main panel, the one that’s the target of the filtering.

Apologies if I’m missing the point. I have an unfortunate tendency to overlook the obvious. It’s a burden, but it gives my kids a chuckle.

I think we mean the same thing. In my user interface, there are three main sections: a lefthand panel that has a vertical strip with toggle buttons (including filter button), the middle panel with the main views (with option to split), and the right hand panel (if open) with Inspector view. I’m referring to the left panel that includes the narrow vertical strip with filter selection and other toggle buttons.

The Focused View filter applies to the current window in focus (eg. Timeline View, Narrative View etc.) . If you are using split screen, then this should be the view that is highlighted when you select the filter. So the left hand panel does not get filtered.

The All Views filter should apply to all the views on screen.

@Amontillado if you are only seeing the All Views filter one screen, is this something that you see on all timelines (eg. if you try the Wuthering Heights example timeline), or is it just one a specific timeline file?

I think I must have had conflicting filters.

With Wuthering Heights, I found I could split the screen and filter all views with equal effect on both splits.

When I chose filtered view, I could add a further filter for either (or both) views, so I think it’s working without issue.

Hey, I’m a user. I have a foot and a blunderbuss. I’m expected to self-inflict pedal trauma, aren’t I?

Seriously, I think I fooled myself with conflicting filters.

@astuterooster Here’s what I think I was seeing, and how I think the filtering works.

There is a global filter (all views). It selectively blocks events before they get to any view.

If you’ve split the main window, focused view adds additional filters to whichever view has the highlight.

If you have no splits, the simple thing is not to use focused view filtering. It works fine, but you may not need to stack all views filtering on top of focused view when there is only one view.

Do you want to have two views each individually filtered? If so, leave the all views filtering empty and set the focused view filter separately. Click on one view, set its filtering, then click on the other view and set its filtering. Or, you could sort of factor out the common filtering you want in both splits and put that in the all views tab.

The “more filters” option lets you select data types to filter by. Then you choose values for each data type. The filter inspects all relationships to look for the data value.

So, if you choose to filter on Character Snydley, then any relationship such as Participant, Observer, Victim, or Secret Admirer which lists Snydley will be a match. If Snydley is listed somewhere in all events, then filtering out Snydley will appear to have no effect.

I look forward to seeing your solution, partly because I like to see software work for everyone, and partly because I’m curious. I’ve learned more about Aeon today, myself.