Force month to start on first day of the week?

Is there a way to ensure a month always starts on the first day of the week? For example, if July 31 were to land on a Wednesday, can I force August to start on Sunday?

For context, I’m trying to incorporate a common Dungeons & Dragons calendar into Aeon. They have thirty-day months with holidays in between. It would be like the month of November ends, then Christmas day, then December starts.

I’m treating the holidays like one-day months of their own, but doing so skews the days of the week. Any way to correct this?

No, there isn’t currently a way of doing this. We will add it to a potential feature request to look at adding in the future.

I’m looking to do this as well, so it would be handy as heck.

This would be really great.

What I’ve done so far is to put the holiday ‘month’ days at the end of the prior months, then set the dates to show without the weekday. Which day of the week it is is off, but the dates themselves are accurate.

Then it’s easy enough to read “17 Tarsakh 1492” and know that regardless of what day of the week the timeline thinks it is, it’s actually the 7th day of the week.